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The images and content on the Sponsors and Links pages have been directly sourced from the relevant bodies for the specific usage by GLAS Inc. The posting of this copyright material is done in accordance with usage agreements between the relevant bodies and GLAS Inc. Only - NO further agreement to use this material is implied or authorised by GLAS Inc.

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The webpage Current Open Exhibition Entry Rules & Conditions
Current Open Exhibition Entry Rules & Conditions are made available to view and print from the downloadable files along with the "Entry Form"
For those wishing to participate in the Open Exhibition. Permission to use this document content in relevant newsletters and magazines and make copies is hereby given providing that both the Entry Rules & Conditions and Entry Form are reproduced together and that in both cases the entire document is used without edit.
The webpage Current Open Exhibition Entry Rules & Conditions content describing the Official Opening and presentation of awards, The Judge, Exhibition Diary, Enquiries, Delivery of Works, Awards and Total Prize Money can be used in whole or part for promotional purposes but must include a reference to our websites home page so participants can access the latest information.

Copies of works of the Open Exhibitions on the GLAS Inc. website

Digital image reproduction of each picture and uploading it onto the website involved both a reproduction and communication to the public of the artists / exhibitors copyright material.
Permission from the artist / exhibitor (copyright owner) to do this, was sort under clause 6 (Publicity) of the open exhibition entry rules and conditions.

Publicity: The Exhibitor warrants that she/he holds sole copyright in each work entered and unconditionally consents to the reproduction of each work in the mass media for news and promotional purposes.

This agreement is between GLAS Inc. and the artist / exhibitor and NO further agreement is implied or extended to anyone viewing the previous exhibitions page content, images and linked pdf files to copy or use the content displayed in any manner unless they seek permission directly from the artist / exhibitor.

For further information about copyright agreements, see the Australian Copyright Council's information sheet Assigning and licensing rights available at:


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GLAS Inc. Respects your privacy and uses the information gathered about members for administration purposes and specific tasks.
i.e. Promotional / Newsletter mailout, membership contact lists, roster's and the requirements of the Public Officer.
Specific informational usage will be stated at the time of collection and with the right for any member to option out of providing details for the specified usage.
I.e. While a members details must be kept on the register, their details may or may not be circulated as part of a contact list or printed roster.
GLAS Inc. will not sell, rent, share or disclose any information about members other than that required by law (Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) or as stated for the specific purpose at the time of collection.
GLAS Inc. Will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information collected is accurate, complete and up-to-date directly and not use a third party data collection agency.

Direct personal information inquiries to:
The Secretary Great Lakes Art Society
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Sensitive Information
GLAS Inc. Will only collect and use personal information, And will not collect and use "sensitive information" about individuals. Sensitive information is defined in the Act and includes information regarding race, gender, political opinion, religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs, membership of a trade union or professional organisation, or sexual preference or practices.

More information on privacy legislation is available from the Federal Privacy Commissioner:

Newsletter and Website Copyrighted material usage

GLAS Inc. Members articles and/or submissions and promotional writing detailing workshops, art and exhibitions upon submission assumes authority to publish in the GLAS Inc. Newsletter and/or GLAS Inc.Website and will not be distributed to other publications without additional agreement. Copyright of articles and/or submissions is retained by the GLAS Inc. Member making the submission and assumes that the article and/or submission is the persons own original work and or correctly attributed with references and with prior written permission to publish. Copyrighted material other than that submitted by GLAS Inc. Members cannot be printed in the newsletter or used as content of the web site, as GLAS Inc. does not have the resources to seek written permission and pay royalties on a regular basis.